1. Price:

Think about the budget you are willing to spend on your kitchen beforehand. With a new kitchen you may have to include costs not only for the furniture, but also for flooring, tiling, new radiators, windows, lighting etc..

2. Personal requirements:

What are your personal requirements? Think about the features you would definitely want your new kitchen to have such as fridge, freezer, wine cooler, bar solution, waste disposal units, etc.

3. Shape of kitchen:

What shape of kitchen would you like to have? Should the kitchenbe placed along one wall, along two walls, closed off/open from the living room, L-shaped or U-shaped? Would you like to have a kitchen with island for cooking?

4. Storage space:
A good look is one thing. But ALNO kitchens are much more than that. Creative, functional fittings make efficient use of the available space and keep everything perfectly organised. Everything is where it should be, and is easily accessible, so that you have more space and time for yourself. There are many options of how to use storage space in your kitchen most efficiently. These include extra deep units and worktops, extra wide drawers and also extra high wall units.
5. Electrical appliances and sinks:

Another main feature of a kitchen are appliances and sinks. Think about what kind of hobs, ovens, microwaves, fridges, freezers, dishwashers you would like to have in your new kitchen and what kind of material your sink should be made of.

6. Pre-Installation

Remember that you will have to consider how to prepare for the installation of your new kitchen. These are some possible considerations: Will the pets have to go into the kennels/cattery? Do you have to warn your neighbours about the work you are having done? Is it OK for the fitters to be in the road (in the drive/in front of the neighbours house) for a week or longer? Are you taking all the existing cabinets out of the kitchen before the fitters arrive? Security of the house when the fitters are coming and going? Your provisions to cook and eat whilst the kitchen is out of action?